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Wastewater Services & Underground Pipe Repair Breckenridge, CO


At Snowbridge, Inc., we want to make sure all of our customers questions are answered when it comes to your sewer and drain pipes.

What are the most common plumbing problems faced by property owners today?

When you own a home or business, plumbing problems are a fact of life. As your plumbing system ages, you may become more susceptible to common plumbing problems and minor damage like leaking pipes, clogged toilets, dripping faucets, slow-draining fixtures, or low water pressure.

Snowbridge offers a variety of plumbing repairs at reasonable prices. Spotting a plumbing problem early on will allow us to report to you quickly and get it fixed before property damage occurs.

How can I tell when I have a plumbing problem?

Plumbing problems can manifest in many different ways, but some of the most common indicators of a plumbing problem include:

  • Strange smells or sounds coming from your pipes
  • Puddles or water damage around your property
  • Problems with draining
  • A sudden spike in your water bill

Although symptoms of specific plumbing problems can vary slightly, the telltale signs remain the same. Don’t ignore early indicators of a damaged or clogged pipe because the problem will get worse and result in more costly repairs.

What is clogging my pipe?

Your pipe can be clogged because of human error or due to unavoidable environmental factors. Foreign materials in your system can collect and slowly close off your pipe. Introducing paper products, cleaning products, food scraps, and other foreign materials to your plumbing system will increase your chances of developing a sudden obstruction or other major plumbing problem. Meanwhile, tree roots can work their way into your pipes, or layers of mineral buildup can eventually take over and compromise the line.

Why did tree roots invade my pipe?

Certain species of trees have invasive roots that can find their way into your pipes through a miniscule crack or other negligible damage. The roots will grow through the wall of the pipe in search of water or nutrients. This can be particularly true during drought conditions or when your pipe is damaged and leaks water into the surrounding soil. Tree root invasion is not reversible and must be treated by a professional to reverse its effects.

What is pipe descaling?

Pipe descaling is meant for cast iron pipe systems. Cast iron was a very popular material for plumbing a number of years ago, but now those pipes are beginning to decay. Corrosion deposits can build up inside the pipes and slowly block the flow of water. The corrosion also creates a rough surface so that paper products or materials passing through your pipe can get caught. The mineral buildup is very difficult to remove and requires specialized equipment. In many cases your pipe is still in good condition and a descaling procedure will be enough to restore the flow of water.

How can I take care of my aging cast iron pipes?

Preventive maintenance is vital to taking care of your pipes. Pipe descaling can be performed on a regular basis to alleviate scale buildup and maintain the free flow of water through your system. Regular maintenance will also help you avoid plumbing emergencies.

If your cast iron pipes are damaged, our durable pipe lining solutions can resurface the inside of your pipes. The durable epoxy resin used during pipelining will fill in areas of damage to create a smooth surface that repels scale and other foreign materials.

What is a CCTV inspection?

A video camera inspection is a no-dig method of examining and assessing your pipes. A high-definition camera is used from an existing drain or other access point to pinpoint clogs or other damage. The precise location and severity of your plumbing problem will influence the types of repairs available to you. Our technician will use the findings to recommend a specific plan of action according to your pipe’s condition.

What can a camera inspection show?

The camera we use during CCTV inspections will show details about your plumbing system including:

  • The material your pipes are made out of
  • The diameter and condition of your pipes
  • The precise location of corrosion, leaks, holes, etc
  • The severity and nature of a clog
  • The location of service laterals

What is used to clear out obstructions?

We typically use hydro jetting or drain snaking to remove clogs. Hydro jetting is a new method of clearing obstructions that uses a high-powered stream of water to break down and wash away clogs. It can even blast through the toughest materials like tree roots or stubborn mineral buildup. The pressure can be adjusted to get rid of blockages without damaging your pipes.

How can I tell when I have a leak?

Leaks can occasionally go undetected when they happen inside your walls or underground. You may have a leak if you notice the sound of water running even when your fixtures are turned off. Puddles, water damage, or lush spots in your landscaping can also indicate a leak. If you suspect you have a leak, Snowbridge can help you identify the source of the leak and recommend repairs.

My sewer line is backing up. What should I do?

A blocked sewer line can result in an overflow, which is a health hazard and dangerous to your property. A plunger is typically enough to get rid of a simple obstruction, but a stubborn or recurring clog can indicate a more serious problem. Do not try other harsh DIY methods like chemical solutions or drain snakes because you can end up making the problem worse. Let the professionals at Snowbridge handle your clogs with our industry-leading drain cleaning techniques.

How does our team at Snowbridge, Inc. fix a damaged pipe?

We use methods like drain cleaning to clear obstructions or clean the inside of your pipes. When damage is present, like in the case of tree root invasion, we usually recommend cured-in-place pipe lining. This trenchless technique is useful for small to moderate areas of damage and involves adhering a sleeve of material to your pipe with durable epoxy resin. The ultra-strong resin fills in areas of damage and adheres the lining to your pipe for a durable solution that helps you get the most out of your existing pipe before replacement is necessary.

What are trenchless repairs?

Traditional excavation repairs require a trench the entire length of the area of your pipe that’s being fixed. On the other hand, trenchless techniques are those that do not require extensive digging on your property. Most methods can be completed using one or two small access points so you don’t have to worry about reconstruction costs associated with fixing your landscaping, sidewalks, roadways, or structures on your property.

How is it possible to replace my pipe without a trench?

Trenchless pipe replacement, often referred to as pipe bursting, is a revolutionary procedure that allows us to completely replace a damaged section of pipe without digging a trench for direct access to your pipe.

During pipe bursting, one access point is needed at each end of the affected pipe. A mechanical device with a bursting head is driven through the existing pipe, breaking apart the existing material and displacing it into the surrounding soil. Directly behind the bursting head, the machine pulls a length of pipe into place. At the other access point, the bursting head is removed and your pipe is sealed to finish up the procedure.

How long do trenchless repairs last?

Trenchless repairs are extremely durable and often last for years, if not decades. The strong epoxy resin we use during pipe lining creates a smooth surface that doesn’t allow materials to cling to it and create another clog. The material is also not susceptible to corrosion, decay, or rust. Pipe bursting allows for replacement of old or outdated materials, and your new pipe will be made of a modern material that lasts. Your trenchless repairs will alleviate the headache often associated with plumbing problems.

How can I save money with trenchless pipe repairs?

Our convenient no-dig repairs can save you a significant amount of money simply by preserving your property during the process. Landscaping, paving, or rebuilding parts of your home or business can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars just for cleaning up after your plumbing job. We leave your property intact, allowing your repairs to be completed in a fraction of the time. With small work areas and minimal crew on-site, our labor costs are drastically reduced, and those savings are passed on to you!

What is Schwalm technology?

Schwalm Robotics are extremely efficient and advanced robots that we have incorporated into our trenchless repairs. The robots are very versatile and can assist with virtually any aspect of the repair process. We use them to assist with inspections, pipe cleaning, point repairs, sewer rehabilitation, and lateral reinstatement. These advanced machines are controlled with a joystick and have virtually endless attachments and tools to make your repairs quick and easy.

Why should I contact Snowbridge for my commercial property?

Commercial properties rely on their plumbing system for many aspects of conducting business and serving customers. Property owners cannot efficiently conduct business while invasive excavation repairs are being conducted. Our trenchless inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement technology can be used by business owners to minimize the impact to their daily operations so you don’t lose valuable time and money. Our equipment is also versatile and can be used on a variety of sizes and materials of pipe. When your business experiences plumbing problems, look no further than Snowbridge, Inc.

Can I fix my plumbing problems myself?

You may be tempted to fix plumbing problems yourself, but many DIY methods are harsh on your system. Chemical solutions or drain cleaning systems are damaging and you can even end up making the problem worse or accidentally cause additional damage to your pipes, resulting in more costly repairs. Simple fixes like using a plunger to clear a small clog will help you keep your system running smoothly. That being said, a serious plumbing problem should be left to a professional to save you time and money. We have the professional-grade equipment and years of experience to repair your pipes in the efficient and cost-effective way.

What should I do in a plumbing emergency?

Plumbing emergencies are a delicate situation that should be handled with care to avoid property damage. Make sure everyone in your vicinity is safe, and stay away from any nearby sources of electricity. If you can, use a bucket or other receptacle to catch dripping water and turn off the water supply to mitigate property damage. Call our team at Snowbridge, Inc. as soon as possible and we will report to you quickly. After assessing the situation and identifying the source of the plumbing emergency, our knowledgeable technician will recommend the appropriate repairs to fix your plumbing and reduce the risk of future emergencies.

What should I do when my pipes freeze?

Colorado is susceptible to freezing pipes, which can result in added pressure to your plumbing system and cause damage to your pipes. If you think an area of your pipes has frozen, try to look for the source of the problem. You may see frost or a slight bulge on exposed pipes where the water has frozen. Do not use extreme measures to thaw your pipes because a drastic change in temperature can make the situation worse.

Our skilled technicians can help you thaw your pipes gently to avoid further damaging your pipes, and then we can also perform any repairs. The expanding water or the added pressure to your system may have caused a crack or other damage, but we can repair it using trenchless pipe lining or other convenient repairs.

Why should I choose Snowbridge for my plumbing repairs?

Snowbridge has been serving Colorado with professional service and efficient repairs for over 40 years. We take pride in offering honest, upfront service combined with the latest technology to minimize the impact to your property and keep costs low. When your home or business needs plumbing repairs, you can trust the friendly technicians from Snowbridge, Inc. to show up on time and fix your pipes. We understand that plumbing problems can be unexpected, and we’ll help you come up with the perfect solution to fit your needs and your budget.

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