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Advantages Of Hiring CCTV Pipe Inspection Services For find Sewer Pipe Issues in Breckenridge, CO.

A problem with your sewer pipes should not be taken lightly, once you suspect they are leaking or blocked, it is best to address the issue immediately. But because most sewer pipes are buried deep in the ground, it is not easy to carry out inspection of these pipes.

If you hire a professional company in Brenchenrige to do the job, however, they are more likely to employ modern technology which will give you the advantages of CCTV pipe inspection services to find sewer pipe issues in Breckenridge, CO

What is involved in CCTV sewer pipe inspection

For a trained professional, this is a simple procedure, it simply involves the use of a remote operated tractor – obviously, this is a small tractor that can fit in the pipe. The tractor is fitted with a CCTV camera and then lowered into the sewer pipe usually through the manhole. The expert will then use the remote to drive the tractor through the pipe, taking video footage to identify what the problem is and see what condition the pipe is in. once the inspection is done, the tractor is set on reverse and is pulled out of the pipes.

There are 2 types of cameras that are usually employed for this work. There are mini cameras and mainline cameras. Professional companies will also use equipment like explosion proof transporters to ensure that the job is carried out safely.

Why carry out CCTV pipe inspection

The advantages of hiring CCTV pipe inspection services for find sewer pipe issues in Breckenridge, CO include:

It saves time

CCTV pipe inspection will take a fraction of the time you would spend to identify a problem if you used manual or try and error. Once the access point for the camera is identified, the professionals can begin lowering the tractor with the camera into the sewer and it can cover a large area in a much shorter time than it would take to dig up the pipes.


Cameras are able to give a much clearer picture of what is happening within the pipes. They will also pinpoint the exact location that needs to be fixed so when the digging begins, say to replace a section, it is only the area that has a problem that will be dug up instead of the entire length of a sewer pipe.

Cost Effective

The cost involved in manual inspection is pushed up by the fact that you will need many more people to do things like digging up the pipe works and then carrying out the inspection and when they are done, you would need to pay for reconstruction of a wider area that has been dug up. With CCTV sewer inspection, it takes one person to operate the remote and sometimes there is totally no need to do any digging since a problem like a blocked sewer can be fixed without digging.

It is Thorough

CCTV inspection will give you a complete inspection of the sewer pipes. Sometimes you may think you have just one issue, but when the camera goes down there, it is able to identify any other problems as well as possible future problems which will save you the burden of having to redo something on the same pipe you have already fixed

With these advantages of hiring CCTV pipe inspection services to find sewer pipe issues in Breckenridge, CO you should not hesitate to call up a professional company that will save you time and money and deliver an impressive service.

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