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Are Trenchless Repairs a Long-Term Solution?

Are Trenchless Repairs a Long-Term Solution?

Root intrusions, joint failures, and age-related wear are among the many issues that can affect pipes at one time or another. When your pipes need some attention, take comfort in knowing Snowbridge Inc. specializes in trenchless pipe repair in Breckenridge, CO. But are trenchless repairs a long-term solution? The short answer is yes. We discuss why below.

How Trenchless Repairs Work

To get a better idea of why trenchless sewer repair solutions can produce long-term results, let's briefly explain how the process works. With repair, the most common method involves inserting an epoxy resin material into the existing pipe to create a new coating. Another trenchless method known as pipe bursting involves fracturing the pipe and replacing it with a new one in the same space.

The Durability of the Materials Used

Pipe lining, the more common of the trenchless methods, can produce long-term results since the resin material forms a solid surface once it cures or hardens. In fact, the new coating is often able to provide added protection against tree roots and other common sources of pipe damage.

What to Expect When the Work Is Done

Whether the work done involves cured-in-place pipe lining or trenchless pipe replacement, long-term results are often seen thanks to the attention to detail that goes into the work. With any trenchless repair project, you can expect our experienced technicians to:

  • Accurately diagnose the problem first
  • Use the most suitable trenchless method
  • Double-check the results when the work is completed

It's this attention to detail that can make trenchless pipe lining a long-term solution. What's more, since your landscaping is spared, you won't have to worry about restoration costs.

Get Dependable Results Right Here

Choose Snowbridge Inc. for sewer services in Breckenridge, CO, and you'll benefit from consistently reliable, customer-focused results. We'll get you started by performing a CCTV inspection and providing an honest assessment of the condition of your pipes. Contact our local pros today to learn more about our approach to trenchless sewer replacement and repair.

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