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Isn’t it funny how we never really think too much about the sewer lines buried under our property until they need to be repaired? In fact, we pay so little attention to them that we put a lot of effort into beautifying our homes and yards without even considering what would happen to all of that work if a sewer line broke and had to be torn out of the ground to be replaced. It’s a horrifying thought for most homeowners. However, it doesn’t have to be an ugly mess at all.
In Littleton, Colorado sewer repairs including pipe lining services are the specialty of Snowbridge Inc. The ‘special’ part of this is that the professional plumbers at Snowbridge actually specialize in something called trenchless technology.
What this means is that when they have to repair an underground sewer line, the pipes remain underground and yard landscaping does as well. But how do they do it? Simple. They don’t dig up your yard.

The Science Behind Trenchless Technology

Underground pipes should remain underground. But when they need to be repaired, having them underground can be an inconvenience. However, with trenchless technology underground pipes are easy to service without digging a trench and ruining your yard and landscaping. This is done by digging one or two small holes over the pipe connection locations. Once the plumbers at Snowbridge Inc. can access the connection site they insert a small video camera.
The small video camera basically gives them eyes inside the pipe. The closed-circuit video system reveals a lot about the inside of your sewer pipes. It can help plumbers to identify clogs, cracks, breaks, and cave-ins. Plus, if your pipes are old, the video inspection can help assess the condition of the pipes and give you an opportunity to act upon any form of rehabilitation to prevent a serious problem from developing later on.
In the case of cracks and leaks, pipe lining is a good alternative. What this entails is an epoxy-coated sleeve-like lining that gets blown or washed into the interior of the existing pipe. The lining is then cured in place with steam or hot water.
Once the lining has cured properly you end up with a thin lining inside the pipe that was damaged. The lining will last for decades and the best part is…your yard didn’t have to be torn up in order to pull out the pipe and replace it. Plus, because a dig to replace method was not used, the pipe repair with a lining will cost far less than an excavation repair would have.

Start With Pipe Lining

You could say that trenchless pipe repairs are better for the environment because they don’t destroy property. One more advantage to this method of repair is that most pipe lining projects can be completed within a day and without having to shut your water service off. For more information on trenchless technology and pipe lining in Littleton Colorado contact Snowbridge Inc. They can be reached toll free at 1-800-426-6827.

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