Septic Inspections Denver, CO

 Septic InspectionsMost property owners do not give much thought to their septic systems. That is unless there is a major problem. When septic systems fail, toilets stop flushing properly and drains flow slowly. The best way to keep your septic system in good shape is through preventive care. That is why it is a smart decision to hire a plumbing company that specializes in septic inspections in Denver, Colorado on a regular basis.

How Does a Septic System Work

Your septic system receives, treats, and then disposes of raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials that are flushed down the toilets and flow down the drains in your sinks, showers, and tubs. The solids are broken down into a sludge that is stored within the septic tank. Solid waste is separated from the water, fats, oils, and grease. The water exits the tank and travels to a drain field located nearby. The drain field naturally filters the bacteria contained within the water and then returns it back into the groundwater supply.

The sludge, fats, oils, and grease must be pumped out of the tank on a periodic basis. If the septic tank or main sewer pipeline that brings the raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials from the property to the tank is leaking in any manner, it can cause environmental damage. This waste is extremely toxic and may also pose a severe health risk for anyone that comes into direct contact with the bacteria.

The Importance of Regular Septic Inspections

The septic system should be inspected once per year to detect any issues that are occurring underground. The process is cost effective and fairly simple. We will send a trained septic inspection technician to your property. The technician will insert a closed captioned camera into the septic system through an established access point. As the camera makes it way through the sewer pipes and septic tank it is broadcasting real-time images back to the operator. These images are also recorded for further and future reference.

The camera allows the technician to thoroughly inspect all areas within the septic system. If there are any damage, leaks, or other issues that must be addressed the technician can easily uncover the problem or problems. A Snowbridge representative will then formulate an immediate repair plan.

The Risk of a Septic Tank Overflow

Regular camera inspections will tell us if the septic tank is at risk. One of the most common consequences of a failing septic tank is overflowing. All that sludge can create a big problem for you. Moreover, cleaning it up won’t be easy. So before anything bad happens, we recommend you invest in a quick septic inspection.


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