Sewer and Drain Cleaning Denver, CO

Sewer and Drain CleaningIf you live in Denver, you probably heard of the 2013 story about how disposable wet wipes were clogging the city’s sewer lines. Denver Wastewater Management’s Lupe Martinez asked the population to stop flushing down their wet wipes. From new mothers who use them for their babies, to senior citizens using them more often at home. Because wet wipes do not dissolve—like toilet paper does—every month or so, a few Wastewater Management employees put on their hazardous material suits, climb down to the sewer tunnels and manually clean out all these wet wipes clogging up Denver’s pumping station.

This type of sewer cleaning ends up costing local taxpayers more money, and it really is a problem that can get more complicated in the long term. However, on a smaller scale, at a restaurant, a mall, or a factory, sewer, and drain cleaning is just as important as the work the city does.

When Do Sewer Pipes and Drains Need Cleaning?

When pipes are dirty enough you will notice. Liquids stop flowing as fast, your sinks take forever to drain, and you might even hear sounds as water flows through your pipes. Those are the good news. That you will notice.
What is not such good news is that if you are noticing signs of a dirty drain line, which usually means that the problem is big enough already. That does not mean we cannot do anything. It just means there is more urgency to do the cleanup.

Enemies of Your Sewer Pipes

Three things make sewer pipes clog. All three we can fix, but they are all very different:
Roots. Tree roots are incredibly common to invade sewer pipes. You would not believe how often we see sewer pipes that are completely blocked because a massive tree root grew inside it.

Bellied piping. While not a cleaning problem exclusively, bellied piping happens when the soil around the pipe moves, which also causes the pipe to move. This allows dirt and waste to accumulate in the pipe, creating blockages.

Grease and Oils. Especially for restaurants and factories, fats, grease and oils are sewer pipes’ worse enemies.
We have a few options to clean your sewer pipes and drains. Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ones, but we never push for a one-size-fits-all solution. Regardless of what the best solution is for your particular case, we are so sure that our sewer and drain cleaning service is so effective, that we will clean your sewer lines again at no additional cost, for 30 days after we did the first cleaning.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Denver, CO

We have many solutions for the many problems sewer and drain pipes can develop. We know it is virtually impossible to keep your pipes clean, no matter how many employee policies you put in effect, maintenance is always required.

Since 1976 we have worked with residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers that have turned into loyal clients. We are a family-owned wastewater company, and we pride ourselves in great service, great care for our team, fair prices and honest assessments.

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