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Lakewood, Colorado has rules and regulations about how sewer systems are built and how plumbing services are conducted and approved, like many states and cities in the US. These rules and regulations are governed by law of the local and state government. At Snowbridge, Inc., we are well aware of those and we adhere to the standards set for us.
We understand the importance of sewer pipes in the city; that is why we strive for excellent service. We have operated in Colorado and its surrounding states for several years now and we recognize and respect that these laws are in place for the benefit of the customer and the community at large.

Importance of Sewer Pipes

The sewer system is nothing without pipes. Pipes are important for the proper disposal of wastes. They play a significant role in directing clean water to faucets and wastewater down the sewers. Without sewer pipes, we would be fetching water from a well – just like centuries ago – and disposing of our wastes in pits.
Modern technology has given us all the opportunities, ease, and convenience through the invention of trenchless sewer repair among many others, which allows us to install sewer pipes, replace them, and repair them without going through the whole process of digging the ground, manually removing sewer pipes, and then replacing or repairing them.

What is Sewer Pipe Lining?

Sewer pipe lining is the new method of replacing or repairing a broken or damaged sewer pipe without the need for traditional dig and replace methods. This is called the trenchless sewer pipe lining method. At Snowbridge, Inc., we’ve proven that these new sewer pipe lining methods, when used to replace or repair old and damaged sewer pipes, can last 50 to 80 years with proper care and maintenance.
There are two ways to perform a sewer pipe lining – the epoxy lining or the cured-in-place pipe method (CIPP).
In general, the epoxy lining is done using a substance that can seal and harden once applied to a surface. We usually use epoxy in pipe lining for sprinklers, water supply pipes, some drain pipes, and waste pipes.
The CIPP method, on the other hand, is used mostly on drain and sewer pipes that are installed deeper into the ground and that have larger diameters. Using CIPP in these situations helps in cutting down costs for our customers, especially when the sewer lines are really deep.
Deep sewer lines require digging, and digging using the traditional method can mean more time spent, more manpower, and more money out. With CIPP, we use the trenchless sewer repair method with much less digging, thus, lesser expense and fewer hours, manpower, or equipment needed.
At Snowbridge, Inc., we train our team to handle different sewer system problems so that when they get in the field, they can give our customers the right advice. Through our trained team, we achieve great success in our projects, making more satisfied customers come back to us whenever they need help with their repairs and maintenance.
Our customers don’t need to worry about what their sewer pipe problems are. Before we perform any repair or replacement, we always do an initial sewer camera investigation to confirm the assumption and put all doubts to rest before we begin the actual work.

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