Video Inspection Denver, CO

Sewer InspectionThe first step in dealing with any type of pipe problem is a video inspection. The reason is simple. What looks like one problem on the outside, may be a different issue if you look on the inside. For example, imagine your kitchen sink is draining slowly. There are two possible issues: the drain pipe could be clogged, or it could be damaged. A clogged drain pipe is easy to fix and generally does not require much work. However, a damaged drain pipe is a bigger problem, that needs a plan, more work, and more time. All of this may sound obvious, but unless you do a video inspection of your plumbing system, you are guessing at best.

Are Pipeline Video Inspections Reliable?

Many people do not trust plumbing companies to do video examinations. Most have been burned or know someone who has been burned by scammy companies using pre-recorded videos—which they use to show them massive fake damage so they can charge more.

We understand people’s hesitancy, so we have some reasons to show you that Snowbridge Inc.’s video inspections are reliable:

  • Better Business Review A+ score
  • 5/5 stars reviews on Facebook
  • Dozens of positive testimonials from real verifiable clients here in Colorado
  • Members with NEHA (National Environmental Health Association)
  • Membership with CPOW (Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater)
  • Membership with NOWRA (National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association)
  • Membership with NAWT (National Association of Wastewater Technicians)

While reviews and accreditations look good, practically we do one more thing to prove to you that our video inspections are live, and only show images of your pipes. First, you can see the inspection as it happens. You can see the screen even before we send the camera into the pipe. This way you can confirm that the image you see flows from outside the pipe and into it.

See one of our testimonials regarding a camera inspection we did:

“I was very impressed with your service. You used your camera to figure out the problem and gave us a temporary fix to keep the home open. You came up with a solution, found the parts in Colorado Springs, and stuck around in case we needed more help. You went above and beyond.”
What Is The Purpose of a Video Inspection?

Like we discussed at the beginning, pipeline video examinations will give us all the information we need to repair your plumbing system properly. Moreover, the images we see will also help us create a map of the pipelines, so we can pinpoint critical areas that need particular attention.

For example, the inspection may reveal a grease deposit or a pipe belly. The latter ones are caused by things like earthquakes, erosion or bad installations. Either way, the camera will show us the problem, and we can elaborate a plan that fits your budget.

Common Questions

  • Can you do a camera inspection yourself? Yes, but why would you? A professional sewer camera cost more than $10,000.
  • Is it expensive? Depends on how much we need to review, but no. Usually a couple hundred dollars.
  • Can you see the entire pipe system? Yes. Our snake cables are as long as we need them to be. If the pipe is not clogged and lets the camera go through, we can see everything.
  • How does the camera create a map of the piping system? The camera has a transmitter that measures how much it moves within the pipes, and it gives us a direction of turns and angles. We know where the camera is at all times.

Need a Pipe Camera Inspection?

Call us now to find out more about our CCTV pipe inspection options. The examination will show us if there is anything to be concerned about or not. The process is fast, reliable, and very affordable.