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Common Sewer Issues During Winter

drain inspection in Vail, CO

People tend to associate serious sewer issues with warmer weather, but any random drain inspection in Vail, CO, will show you that you can still have problems with your sewer line during the winter. Here are some of the more common issues you might see during the winter months.

Invading Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to go deeper in the winter to find sources of water, and that can be bad news for your sewer line. Roots can cause pipes to leak or even collapse altogether, and you might not know that this is a problem until you contact us for sewer camera inspection services and we take a look at your pipeline.

Frozen Sewer Vents

Sewer vents can freeze in cold weather. Not surprisingly, this can cause some serious problems in your home. Gas and sewage cannot pass through these frozen vents, which means it is likely to back up into your home. A thorough pipe inspection can determine if this is a problem, so contact a professional from our team if you notice foul smells in your home or you have multiple clogged drains.

Frozen Waste

All of your pipes are in danger of freezing in particularly cold weather, including your sewer line. This problem can get worse if you wash or flush things such as starchy foods or cooking grease down your drain. Cold weather can cause this to freeze, which makes it more likely to form into a nasty clog somewhere in your sewer line. A plumbing inspection might uncover such a clog if you're having problems in your home, but you should still be more diligent during the winter about what goes down your drains.

If you think you have a problem with your sewer line, you don't have to wait until the spring to schedule a sewer inspection. Contact the professionals at Snowbridge before your sewer problems get too far out of hand. Call us or fill out the online form for an appointment.

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