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How Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Pipes

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Pipes

If you're a homeowner who instinctively opts for a DIY approach to drain cleaning in Aspen, CO, you're not alone. While we certainly understand the desire to save time and money, you're not likely to achieve either of these goals if you use chemical drain cleaners instead of calling on the pros from Snowbridge. Here's a closer look at how chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes.

Pushing Debris Further Down

Chemical drain cleaners work in a clogged drain in Aspen, CO by facilitating an electron transfer process that generates heats and breaks down grease, food, and other organic materials. The broken down debris often just moves further down in the drain, which can lead to an entirely new clog later.

Damaging Interior Pipe Surfaces

Chemical cleaners can also damage the walls of your drain lines. This can be the case if you have drains that are already older or weak. Sulfuric and muriatic acid cleaners or caustic ones with lye or similar ingredients can be especially abrasive when poured into drains. This could leave you with drain pipes more susceptible to leaks or cracks.

Creating a Toxic Buildup in Your Drain Lines

Hydrochloric acid and other substances in most popular chemical drain cleaners are environmentally toxic. These harmful materials can also accumulate towards the bottom of your drain system, especially if you regularly use drain cleaning products. This could leave you with a toxic buildup in your drain pipes that could create hazardous gases and other issues. Your plumber would have to use a gentle cleaning method like drain snaking in Aspen, CO to get rid of the buildup.

Snowbridge is a drain cleaning company in Aspen, CO that takes pride in delivering prompt, reliable, cost-effective results. We use safe, reliable methods that include:

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