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How Robotic Cutters Address Clog Issues

How Robotic Cutters Address Clog Issues

Whether your residential property or commercial building is experiencing stubborn clogs, sewage backups, or other issues, Snowbridge Inc. is here to assist you. We use state-of-the-art technology to carry out safe, efficient, and effective drain cleaning in Aspen, CO. Some of our exceptional services include robotic pipe cutting. 

We rely on the Schwalm robotic system for large scale sewer main and laterals. Schwalm robots are versatile and compatible — they can work for residential, commercial, and industrial pipe systems. They are renowned for being able to clear pipes of clogs, debris, and others.

Here is how robotic cutters can clear out your pipes:

Tree Roots

Unfortunately, tree root infiltration is a common problem for drains and sewer lines. Not only does it impairs the structural integrity of your pipes, but it also latches on other debris, which can potentially lead to a blockage. Besides hydro jetting, robotic pipe cutting is also a practical way of eliminating tree roots without the need for excavation. This makes it a cost-effective solution to a clogged drain.

Solid Obstructions

Robotic cutters can also remove a variety of blockages in drains and sewers that we detect during an in-depth camera inspection. It can navigate through difficult bends, elevated locations, and cut through layers of buildup in the pipeline, which is something drain snaking may not be able to do.

Building Materials

It’s easy for building materials, like cement and concrete, to find their way into the drain and sewer pipes during construction work. However, these can cause severe problems because they can completely block sewer lines and affect the public. Discarded detritus can’t be easily dislodged with high-pressure water jets and can be costly to dig up. 

This is where robotic cutters come in handy. They ground obstructions into smaller, manageable pieces that we push with hydro jets and vacuum out to the nearest manhole chamber. As your trusted drain cleaning company, we ensure that this process won’t cause significant disruption to your property as we do this with great care and attention.

Snowbridge Inc. uses the best pipe cutting technology as part of our drain cleaning services to provide you with long-lasting results. If you have any questions about our robotic cutters or are interested in setting up an appointment, get in touch with us today.

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