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How To Keep Your Pipes Clear at High Altitude

If you’re living in a high altitude region, like Colorado, you probably have a different set of home maintenance problems than people living in other states. Your household appliances act differently. And so do your sewer pipes.

If you have just shifted to a high attitude area, you might notice the changes. This may have prompted you to find out how to keep your pipes clear at high altitude. Snowbridge Inc. has been servicing and repairs sewer pipes at higher altitudes for over more than four decades. Here are some takeaway tips for residents living up there.

Sewer Pipes at High Altitude

At higher altitudes, air pressure decreases. If you were to take a bag of your favorite potato chips on a mountain, it will burst quite easily. That’s because the higher pressure inside the bad creates a higher tension with the low air pressure outside. Similarly, air pressure in your sewer pipes affects the water flow.

Water is also much hotter at higher altitudes. That’s because the boiling point of water lowers to about ten degree to its original boiling point.

During sewer pipes installation, plumbing companies work around these issues so that you won’t face any issues with your drain pipes. Other than this, sewer pipes at high attitude remain the same. That means you should be treating your sewer pipes in much the same way as any other part of the country.

How To Keep Your Pipes Clear at High Altitudes

To keep your pipes clear at high altitude, you should be following basically the same principles of sewer pipe maintenance. These are:

  • Take care of what you flush down your drains. Don’t flush diapers, wet tissues, sanitary napkins or other just things down your flush. Limit hair, oil, soap waste and other such materials going into your drains.

  • Regularly clean your drains with home-made cleaners. Avoid commercial drain cleaners. They eventually destroy your sewer pipes. If you’re living in a high-rise building, it would be much difficult to have them repaired.  You can make a homemade cleaner with two very simple ingredients- that are probably in your pantry right now. Add three tablespoons of baking soda into your drain. Pour half a cup of vinegar over it. Follow it up with some hot water.

  • Perform routine cleaning and inspection of your sewer pipes through professional plumbing companies.

  • Know the signs of clogged sewer pipes. Are you noticing that your drain pipes are slow to drain? Have you noticed a funky smell coming from your drains? Are there any signs of seepage around the drain pipes? You shouldn’t be ignoring such signs. Get your sewer pipes inspected before they cause a bigger problem.

  • If you notice any drop in water pressure, contact your plumbing company immediately. At higher altitudes, this could indicate bigger problems.

Regardless of the attitude of your area, a good plumbing company will be able to service and repair all sewer pipes. If you are experiencing problems with keeping your pipes clear at high altitude, give our plumbers a call. Our plumbers are experienced and train to keep sewer pipes in the best working conditions.

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