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Leading Causes of Broken Sewer Pipes

Leading Causes of Broken Sewer Pipes

Sewer lines play an essential role in keeping your home clean and safe by directing waste away from your property. Although they are built to last for decades, many factors can cause them to break sooner than expected and require prompt trenchless sewer repair. Read on as Snowbridge pinpoints some of the leading causes of broken sewer pipes.

Old Pipes

Depending on maintenance, sewer lines can last longer than 50 years. However, they are subject to everyday wear and tear, shifting soil, increased traffic on the ground above, and other factors that may cause them to rupture early. Outdated materials like Orangeburg, cast iron, and clay also break down earlier than newer pipe materials. When your lines are past their prime, a trenchless sewer replacement is usually the most practical option.


Cast iron pipes used to be popular because of their durability. However, they are prone to corrosion, causing them to break or collapse in the long run. When this happens, water will drain slower, clogs will recur, and extra lush patches of grass in your yard may start to appear. Using chemical drain cleaners to dissolve stubborn clogs may also cause cast iron pipes to deteriorate fast due to their harsh ingredients.


Frozen sewer pipes are a common problem for most homeowners during winter. Water flowing in your pipes is likely to freeze when temperatures drop under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When this happens, your sewer lines will be blocked and get damaged. You may not be able to use your drains until the ice melts or a professional comes over to perform trenchless pipe repair in Aspen, CO.

Tree Roots

Another leading cause of broken sewer pipes is tree root infiltration. If you have trees surrounding your home, note that their roots grow underground to look for water and nutrients. They can find their way inside the pipes through the tiny cracks and expand inside, causing the line to break. Besides hydro jetting, trenchless pipe lining can resolve this issue by masking all the cracks and other damage caused by invasive tree roots.

If you suspect that you have broken sewer lines, get in touch with Snowbridge immediately. Our expert crew will assess your lines and determine whether trenchless pipe replacement or repair is the best solution for your sewer issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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