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Pipe Descaling: What It Is and How It Works

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Water has minerals, and those minerals can build up along pipe walls over time. These materials are collectively referred to as pipe scale. If this accumulation is excessive, it can block or narrow flow and be reason enough to contact Snowbridge, Inc. about drain cleaning in Vail, CO. Here's what you need to know about pipe descaling and how it works.

What Causes Pipe Scale?

Pipe scale is a combination of mineral deposits and rust. Over time, it can be the reason for a clogged drain. Cast iron pipes, in particular, are susceptible to scale issues because the inside surfaces are coated with calcium, magnesium salts, and iron oxide.

How Is Pipe Descaling Done?

If the scale isn't too extensive and there are no other blockage sources, chemicals may be used to descale a pipe, but there are also healthier, chemical-free solutions available. Professional drain snaking is another way to descale pipes. This technique uses a flexible auger that breaks up and removes the scale with an attached corkscrew-shaped head.

If a pipe is heavily clogged or affected by other issues on top of pipe scale, hydro jetting may be the cleaning method recommended. It uses highly pressurized blasts of water to clear away scale and debris.

When Do You Need Pipe Descaling?

Drain cleaning services are typically needed whenever drains are slow or clogging regularly. We'll inspect the system to determine if pipe scale is a factor. Descaling can also be done as a part of routine cleaning if you have pipes susceptible to mineral buildup.

Free Up Your Pipes Today

Snowbridge, Inc. is the drain cleaning company to turn to for pipe descaling and other drain cleaning solutions. No matter what's going on with your pipes, count on our seasoned technicians to restore your drain, sewer, or water line function along with your peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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