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Sewer Repair

If you live in a place with changing seasons, you know how much of a blessing (and a curse) it can be. On the one hand, it can be beautiful and exciting. No matter what your favorite season is, you are guaranteed to experience it. Summers that are filled with bike rides, beer gardens, and boating and winters that are filled with snow, skiing, and sipping hot chocolate. But with the changing of the seasons comes possible damage to your home due to the weather. You always have to be prepared for the worst: flooding, humidity, snow, and ice.

Fall is here in Colorado and tree roots are digging deep, looking for water to prepare for hibernation. This is a terrible time for your pipes. If you have slow draining or notice water in your yard, you might be wondering if the weather is impacting your pipes.

It’s a fact of life that over time, sewer lines and pipes will wear down and, eventually, something will happen and you notice things might not be working correctly underneath your beautiful landscaping.

Growing and expanding trees or plant roots can likely be the culprit of this. It usually takes significant digging with a backhoe to get to the lines and pipes to repair and replace them. They’ll tear right through your landscaping, driveway, and garden. Rarely do you get a property in the same condition before the digging.

Sewer Drain Pipe Repair Arvada Colorado

In the old days, there was no choice, just like there’s no choice what weather we’ll experience on a daily basis when it comes to the changing seasons. There’s one thing we do have a choice on and that is trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless sewer repair is a far less intrusive way to repair or replace broken sewer lines. Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing underground sewer, water, or natural gas pipelines without having to dig trenches throughout the yard. There is a launching and receiving pit dug where the new pipe is fed in and out, eliminating the need for full length trenches.

The pipe bursting machine is set in the receiving pit and is connected to the pipe at the entry via a cable. The machine pulls the bursting head and new pipe into the line. In the process of pulling the new pipe through, the old pipe is broken apart and the new pipe replaces it.

Once the new pipe has been pulled through entirely, the technicians connect the sewer pipe to the sewer main line, the entry pits are filled back in, and you are back in business. Trenchless is the latest and greatest technology because it offers a shorter completion time, no damage is ideal for sewer lines, and it is cost-effective. Is there anything more that needs to be said?

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It can be difficult to assess where the problem is coming from if you’ve never dealt with sewer problems before. Cozy up next to a nice fire and call up your local plumbing company. Snowbridge Inc. is a family owned and operated wastewater company. We have served the central Rocky Mountain region for over 40 years.

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