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Wastewater Services & Underground Pipe Repair Breckenridge, CO

Sewer Pipe Lining Centennial Colorado

Sewer Pipe Lining

Centennial is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and because of this, sewer systems need to be fully functional. When systems do experience problems, sewer services are in high demand, and at Snowbridge Inc., trenchless sewer pipe repair is our forte.

Founded as a family business in 1976, we are experts in sewer pipe lining and facilitate the repair and rehabilitation of sewer pipes within the Centennial area, and we take pride in our friendly staff and professional services.

If you have a problem with leaking sewer pipes, call us and our team of experts will come to diagnose the problem and suggest the best possible solution for it. Sewer pipes leak due to cracks, holes or joint gaps, depending on the material they are made of. Clay pipes and those made of cast iron are more prone to damage than PVC or plastic pipes are.

When responding to your call, our technicians will send a sewer camera down your sewer line and see where the leak is. Once they have diagnosed the exact problem and pinpointed the location, it simply comes down to plugging the leak.  

Plugging leaks or relining pipes starts with cleaning the inside of pipes with a high pressure stream of water. This removes accumulated gunk so the lining can adhere to the sewer pipe with no gaps.

Once the faulty pipe is clean and dry, our team will insert a resin soaked felt pipe. The new sewer pipe covers the old one seamlessly and hardens to form an all-new pipe within the old one, effectively covering any spots where the sewage could leak.

This is a very effective way of rehabilitating old pipes because the interior is smooth, preventing debris from accumulating on the walls. The new sewer pipe decreases the diameter of the old one by a mere ¼ inch, so there is no disruption to flow of water through the pipes.  

Resin soaked felt pipes are also used very effectively in CIPP (cured-in-place pipe lining), where a broken pipe that can’t be repaired is fractured outwards with the help of a machine, which simultaneously pulls the new sewer pipe along inside of the old pipe. The new resin pipe fills the space created by the old one, and hardens in place, forming an all-new pipe in the same place as the old one.  

Sewer pipe lining is a non-disruptive, cost-effective and quick method of repairing malfunctioning drains. If you need someone for Sewer Pipe Lining in the Centennial area, contact Snowbridge Inc. for more information and we look forward to working with you.

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