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Wastewater Services & Underground Pipe Repair Breckenridge, CO

Cast Iron Pipe Repairs Thornton, Colorado

Cast Iron Pipe Repairs Thornton Colorado

Thornton, CO Cast Iron Pipe Repairs

Cast iron pipes, especially those that are 100 years old or older, can become corroded due to the oxidation of the iron on the inside of the pipes as a result of a process called tuberculation, in which these iron bacteria eat away at the inside of the pipe and make it rough and jagged. The first indicator is a slimy buildup inside of the pipe. This will quickly turn into a jagged surface that items may snag on and clog the pipe. Not only can tuberculation cause decreased pump efficiency, but it can also cause the pipe to leak. Cracks in a pipeline can cause wastewater to leak into the water table in the ground and contaminate it, causing even more problems. If any issues are noticed, or if you have a home or business that has cast iron pipes that are old, call our team at Snowbridge Inc. immediately.

Pipe cleaning methods have been created to help bring back functionality to pipes affected by tuberculation. When iron-oxidizing bacteria builds up in pipe systems, a slimy brown coating may appear. The bacteria leave behind deposits known as tubercles. This can be fixed with biological control through disinfection strategies including chloramine, chlorination, or UV light. To remove the tuberculation deposits, hydro jetting may be needed to clean out the pipes. Hydro jetting is the process of using highly pressurized water to clean out a pipe and restore its power once again. It is often used in the case of clogged drains since it not only gets rid of the clog and helps to clear out any debris that could cause future clogs, but it also does not damage the pipe any further. This is also very useful when trying to rehabilitate a cast iron pipe that is plagued by the effects of tuberculation.

Thornton CO Cast Iron Pipe Repairs

While tuberculation is no longer a problem in many new homes due to other types of pipe materials being installed in the industry, this can still be a legitimate concerns in older homes that haven’t had their pipelines updated yet. At Snowbridge Inc., we are prepared for any situation and are more than happy to help. If you do have a building that may have cast iron pipes and is older, you should schedule a sewer camera inspection to make sure you are not caught in an emergency. Sewer camera inspections involve a camera being inserted into the pipe and connected via a fiber optic cable so our technicians can see a clear and high quality live video of the inside of your pipe. This video may allow us to see if the deterioration of your pipe has begun and if further steps need to be taken in order to prevent further damage from occurring and entering your water.

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At Snowbridge Inc., we have been serving the commercial and residential parts of Colorado for over 40 years and are dedicated to bringing the best service around. You are our first priority and we hope to make your home or business a safer, and more efficient place in the most convenient way possible. Call today to learn more or to schedule a repair that will leave you happier, safer, and will return the power of a functioning sewer system.

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