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 Septic InspectionsAt Snowbridge Inc., we’re called out all the time by homeowners who are having recurring problems with backed up drains, leaking pipes, ongoing flooding, or any number of other plumbing problems. Often, they’ve tried everything solution they can think of – drain cleaners, plungers, snakes – sometimes they’ve even called in another plumbing company. At first, these approaches might make it seem like the problem has been solved. Unfortunately, it’s often only a temporary fix.

Ongoing issues with your household pipes are more than just a minor inconvenience. Clogs and other obstructions can cause dangerous wastewater to back up into your home, putting family members and pets at risk of illness. Over time, untreated clogs can also lead to corrosion within the pipe itself. This can lead to costly water damage deep beneath your home, damaging your foundation. Additionally, pipes may be structurally unsound or may be obstructed by tree roots.

It can be hard to determine the cause of ongoing plumbing issues. That’s why at Snowbridge Inc. we offer a CCTV drain inspection. We’ll send a camera through your pipes to find the source of the problem. The use of a camera allows us to get to areas that are almost impossible to reach otherwise. Since the camera is sent through the drains, there is no digging required, saving you time and money.

The CCTV inspection allows us to determine exactly what’s behind the problems with your pipes, whether it’s inflow and infiltration, problems that originate from faulty construction, or simply a grease clog which has worked its way deep into the plumbing system. Once we figure out the source of the problem, our skilled service technicians will work with you to determine the best course of action to get your pipes flowing smoothly again. And as always, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or else your repairs are free.


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