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Guide to Home Sewer Repair

Guide to Home Sewer Repair

Located in Northern Colorado, Snowbridge, Inc. offers a wide range of pipe repair and inspection services that can aid you in finding and resolving any water or sewer pipe damage. Unknown to many homeowners, however, is an in-depth of the sewer pipes running beneath your residential home. This can include warning signs of an issue, ways to fix any problems that arise, modern methods of repair, and more. This helpful guide to home sewer repair will aid you in learning more about your home’s sewer pipes and how to maintain them and get them fixed if something should go wrong.

What are Sewer Pipes?

Sewer Pipes are found underground, usually beneath roadways and sidewalks. Their main task is to carry sewage from your home to disposal sites or treatment centers.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair Method?

The trenchless pipe repair method, which could be used for your sewer pipe repair or for other different pipe repairs, is a modern, cutting-edge technology that removes the need of excessively excavating your yard or landscape. This method is fast, easy, and avoids damaging your property. This trenchless method involves inserting a pipe lining into your damaged pipes that need to be fixed or replaced. This pipe lining is made-up of hardening resin that can create new pipes inside of the older damaged one. With this method, you not only avoid causing excessive damage to your yard, landscape, and home, but you also get a brand new pipeline that can last for upwards of 50 years.

Benefits of the Trenchless Method

Not only does the trenchless method avoid excavating your yard or landscape, thereby avoiding causing any damage to the natural wildlife, the cured-in place pipe lining allows a new pipe to form within the old, damaged one. Cured-in-place pipe lining, also known as CIPP, is a modern, trenchless pipe repair technique that removes the need to excavate the landscape to repair any broken or damaged pipes. This CIPP technique can work on a wide variety of broken pipes, including pipes in a domestic or business setting and sewer and water pipes. This cured-in pipe lining process involves putting a fiber reinforced fabric lining or a non-woven polyester lining into the broken and damaged pipes. As mentioned earlier, this process does not require the specialists at Affordable Plumbing and Heat to remove and replace the whole pipe system just to repair a specific section of pipes, ultimately removing the added expense of rehabilitating your landscape. By putting this liner into the broken pipe, it allows the regular flow rate within the pipe to improve once the repairs to the pipe have been made. This liner can withstand many forms of possible damage and can fit into any pipe - making it the perfect solution for Northern CO residents throughout Estes Park, Fort Collins, Broomfield, and beyond. This process is overall affordable, inexpensive, and efficient.

Guide to trenchless sewer Repair Colorado

Warning Signs of Sewer Pipe Damage or Clogs

The warning signs of sewer pipe damage are important to keep in mind, or a simple clogged drain or damaged sewer pipe could result in greater damage to your home’s pipes in the long run. One of the most common warning sign of damaged sewer pipes is a noticeable increase of clogged toilets and/or drains in your home. Another warning sign is hearing a strange gurgling sound in your drains, which could indicate a clog in your drain. Additionally, backup coming through your drains, sinks, toilets, showers, etc. could mean there are greater problems with your sewer pipes - and the backup itself can cause harm. Wastewater backup contains harmful bacteria that can put you, your family, and your pets in danger if not treated properly right away. If your toilet bubbles while running water in your sink or running your washer machine, that may mean there’s a clog in your pipes that is blocking your line. A simple clog, if not treated properly, may result in further damage of your sewer pipes.

Sewer Pipe Inspections

Sewer pipe inspections can really be useful in figuring out any pipe problems and just how to fix them. This is an affordable service that Snowbridge, Inc. offers using cutting-edge CCTV technology that helps us clearly see into your pipes and assess the damages. We insert a small, flexible camera down the drain to record detailed footage of your lines. A clear image is then transmitted onto our pipeline specialist’s monitor and reviewed to diagnose any issues that exist in your pipes. With this camera, we are able to maneuver and get to parts of your sewer pipe that would be otherwise impossible to reach. This inspection is also a trenchless inspection method, avoiding the need to dig up the damaged sewer pipes to inspect them. As you can imagine, this eliminates the hassle, cost, and time-consuming disadvantages of older inspection methods. After this trenchless camera sewer pipe inspection is done, our skilled technicians will work with you to determine the next best steps to fixing your sewer pipes.

What is Drain Cleaning?

As previously mentioned, it is important to regularly perform drain cleanings to your home drains, especially if you suspect their to be a drain clog. One of the many warning signs of a drain clog is if you notice water backup in your sinks, showers, etc. This is caused because the pathway of the pipe is blocked, causing wastewater to not be able to properly go down your drains. Some preferred drain cleaning methods include snaking, pouring drain cleaner down your drains, and more. However, these techniques can only solve minor clogs. Larger clogs are often solved with hydro-jetting or with rooter machines. Hydro-jetting is a technique in which a pressurized hose with a specially equipped head sprays pressurized water into your drains to effectively and efficiently unclog your pipes. A root machine is just like hydro-jetting, the only difference being that instead of using pressurized water, a drill blade is fed down into your pipes to quickly and effectively break up any and all drain clogs in your home’s line.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Though having regular drain cleaning may seem like a hassle, it is important to get your Colorado drains cleaned regularly. One benefit to getting regular drain cleaning is that it reduces the chance of blockages forming in your sewer pipes. Your sewer pipes are connected to other homes in your neighborhood, meaning that those sewer pipes are filled with a wide range of material, most of which can easily cause clogs to form if the pipes are not running smoothly. Because of this increased risk of clogs, it is important to have your drains regularly cleaned before a clogged drain can cause any extensive damage to your pipes. Another benefit is that it is ultimately inexpensive compared to fixing any major problems that large clogs ignored for an extended time may cause. By having regular drain cleaning, you reduce the chance of large clogs forming, ultimately saving you time, money, and hassle later on.

Home Sewer Pipe Repair Costs

Snowbridge, Inc. offers affordable rates for all of your pipe repair and drain cleaning needs. Our prices vary depending on which service that you need, as well as the extent of your pipes’ repair or cleaning needs. We are happy to discuss your plumbing issue with you and offer you a basic estimation for your repairs.

When is the best time to schedule a drain cleaning?

The best time to schedule a drain cleaning is when you suspect that there may be a clogged drain in your house. It is key to fix a clogged drain as soon as possible to avoid any further damaging clogs forming in your pipes, which could lead to your pipes getting damaged. It is also important to schedule drain and sewer pipe inspections after every winter. The winter months are a dangerous time of the year for your pipes. They can easily freeze, causing extensive amounts of damage to them when they unthaw in the spring.

When is the best time to schedule a pipe repair, installation, or overall maintenance?

It is recommended that you schedule for a pipe repair in the late spring or early fall. In Colorado, when it gets too cold, the ground freezes, causing the pipes to be difficult to get to and sometimes fragile due to becoming frozen. It is key to prepare your pipes for the winter months and to inspect them after the winter months. The snowy season in Northern CO can cause great damage to your pipes if not treated properly.

Pipe Maintenance at Higher Elevations

Since Colorado is at a higher elevation, that means that higher altitude affects your sewer and water pipes in a unique way, which needs to be added to the list of aspects of pipe maintenance to keep in mind. At higher elevations, air pressure decreases, ultimately affecting the water pipe flow. There is a chance that your sewer pipe flow can be affected in a similar way as your water pipes can in higher elevations, causing this issue with pipes to be important to know about for Colorado residents. Luckily, Snowbridge, Inc. has specialized knowledge of pipe maintenance at higher altitudes.

What are some of the different sewer pipes?

Different types of sewer pipes include cast iron, PVC, galvanized steel (GI), concrete pipe, HDPE pipe, and more. Cast iron pipes are the most common type of pipe that is used today. Cast iron pipes are strong and durable. They can withstand years being underground, though it is highly recommended that cast iron pipes are used for indoor plumbing projects. One of the only drawbacks to cast iron pipes is the fact that they can corrode faster than other types of pipes, meaning that they need to be replaced and/or repaired more often than other types of pipes.

Cement pipes can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use throughout the years. The only real drawback is the fact that this type of pipe is susceptible to tree roots, which can create great damage. Still, this material is often used throughout Northern Colorado’s sewers.

It is important to know what type of sewer pipe you have in your house, as well as researching the advantages and disadvantages that type of pipe may have.

Common Sewer Pipe Problems

As mentioned before, clogs are the most common and underrated sewer pipe problem. An ignored clog could result in greater damage to your home’s sewer pipes. Freezing winters may also result in your pipes becoming frozen and breaking, creating multiple issues in your pipeline system. It is important to have a plumber inspect your pipes after every winter to make sure the cold weather hasn’t caused your pipes major damage. Hot summers can also cause damage if not checked frequently. Different problems arise with different types of pipes, which the professionals at Snowbridge, Inc. can help you identify and fix quickly and effectively.

Knowing What Not to Flush Down Your Toilets

A common cause of recurring sewer clogs for homeowners is flushing objects down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed. A key aspect of sewer pipe maintenance is learning what objects can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. Flushing unflushable objects down the toilet often leads to a clog forming, which then could lead to damaged pipes and disruption of sewer pipe flow. Often, labels on objects indicate whether or not something can be flushed down a drain. Diapers, wet wipes, napkins, and feminine hygiene products are just a few of the many objects that should never be flushed down a drain. It is also important to limit the amount of oil, soap waste, and hair that goes down the drain in your home, as these can also easily cause blockages and breaks.

If you live in the Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Greeley, or any other town in the Northern Colorado area and suspect that your drains are clogged or possibly damaged in any way, call Snowbridge, Inc today at 1-800-426-6827. They are open on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm MST and are happy to help educate you about your pipes and offer our services to keep them flowing smoothly.

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