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Sewer Line Replacement for Cold Weather in Denver, CO

Mile High Sewer Line Replacement

In Denver, CO bouts of cold weather are not a big surprise.  But what does surprise us is when our sewer lines freeze and break!  We are well-versed in bundling up with a parka, mittens, and toque to keep ourselves protected from dropping temperatures but we should also be taking care of our sewer pipes when freezing weather strikes.

On the News

In November 2014 Fox 31 News reported that “Burst water pipes from the cold a costly and growing problem around metro Denver.” It seemed as if residents’ sewer lines were being damaged more frequently during cold spells in the city.

Pipes would freeze for several reasons when the temperatures dropped and as the same news article stated: “Rising temperatures mean frozen pipes thaw out.  If they burst or leak, it can cause a lot of expensive damage.”

Rather than face higher heating bills in the winter, people often turn down their furnaces which means there is nothing heating the pipes. Aside from bursting, pipes can shift with the ground as it thaws, causing the pipes to crack at joins and sit at an odd angle.

The Best at What We Do

Here at Snowbridge Inc. we are dedicated to your pipes and have been helping people repair and replace damaged lines due to cold weather since 1976.  With our sewer pipe lining technology, we can make sure that your pipes are sufficiently insulated and structurally sound with no joints or weak spots susceptible to cracks.  Our advanced technique involves lining your current pipe with a resin that cures in a short period to create a new pipe inside of the existing one.  This lining is one continuous piece which means the joins won’t shift and crack with rising temperatures after a cold spell.

Helpful Tips

We want to work with you to make sure your sewer lines are in great condition so here are some tips to help prevent pipes from freezing:

  • Keep the heat/furnace on during the winter

  • Ensure pipes are sufficiently insulated

  • Replace any old and damaged lines

  • Open cabinet doors under sink to allow heat to reach pipes

Even though there are preventative measures you can take, damage to lines due to cold weather cannot always be avoided.  PVC piping is vulnerable to freezing temperatures and will often split open if it freezes.  Our lining is much stronger than PVC so you can feel more confident in the cold.

Keep from freezing!

Denver, CO often experiences extreme weather conditions in the winter months and when that happens, phones of plumbers across the city are ringing off the hook with people who need help with frozen pipes!  Residents are left for days with no water or sewer because of the lineup of people who need help.  So, before you bundle up and head out to watch an Avalanche game, be sure to call us, Snowbridge Inc., to come replace your sewer lines so you can take your mind off your pipes and get your head in the game!

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