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Wastewater Services & Underground Pipe Repair Breckenridge, CO

Trenchless Pipe Lining: The Best Solution for Denver Homeowners

For Denver homeowners in need of trenchless repairs to their sewer line, pipe lining is often the best solution. We offer this and all other trenchless solutions at Snowbridge inc. But what exactly is a trenchless pipe lining and how is it installed into your sewer line?

Our trenchless solutions are repair and replacement projects that are conducted without the need to dig up your yard to access sewer pipes that are buried underground, and trenchless pipe lining is one of these processes.

Here’s how we do it. We arrive at your property and seek the locations of your underground pipe connections, and we often look for the two connections that join the lateral pipe to your home and the main line that runs along your street. Once we locate them, we will dig a small hole down to one of them. Once we disconnect the pipes, we are able to send our camera into your pipelines for the inspection.

The camera we use sends a closed-circuit video feed to a technician on site to examine. Our technician will use the high quality video to determine what is going on inside your sewer pipe. The camera can be moved up or down the length of the lateral. If the technician spots leaks or cracks, a pipe lining will be the most logical trenchless solution. The pipe lining is an epoxy coated pliable sleeve-like item. It is fed into the sewer pipe and once it is fully extended, we will apply hot water to the pipe.

The hot water creates a reaction with the epoxy coating, causing it to harden along the diameter of the old pipe. The final product ends up resembling a long inner tube that is hollow and runs the length of the pipe. The trenchless pipe lining is now a pipe inside a pipe and the cracks or leaks are no longer an issue. The new pipe lining will last up to fifty years and will not breakdown nor will it corrode.

The best thing about trenchless pipe lining is that the pipe did not need to be excavated and removed in order to be repaired. Instead, a new lining was applied which has now extended the life of the lateral. Your yard is virtually untouched and because the project was so easy to complete, it didn’t take as long as a traditional dig-and-replace style repair and is less expensive too.

If you live in the Denver area and a trenchless pipe lining sounds like the right solution for your sewer line problems, contact our team at Snowbridge Inc. today. We can offer you one of many trenchless solutions for the rehabilitation of your underground sewer system.

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