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What Causes Clogged Drains?

Drain Cleaning

If you have a clogged drain in your home or place of business, finding a company that provides drain cleaning in Breckenridge, CO is a way to quickly address and remedy the issue to prevent and avoid further damages and unnecessary repair or replacement costs. At Snowbridge Inc., we offer a wide range of traditional and hi-tech modern plumbing services ranging from CCTV camera inspection services, pipe descaling, and drain cleaning services to drain snaking and trenchless sewer pipe repair assistance. When you have a clear understanding of what causes clog in drains, addressing them with the right drain cleaning company is easier and much less stressful.

  • Hair - This is one of the biggest culprits of clogged drains in both residential and commercial properties. Brushing your hair, washing your hair, or simply grooming in the morning over a sink can add to the buildup of hair in the sink and shower drains, especially if you do not have mesh screens or catchers in place. Invest in mesh screens and drain catchers for the drains in your home or commercial space that most often come in contact with hair to minimize the chance of a clog.
  • Soap Buildup - Although soap is intended to remove grime, dirt, buildup, and bacteria from surfaces, it is often made up of grease and various forms of fat itself, causing it to clog drains from time to time. If you use bar soap frequently, be sure to clean your drains regularly to prevent large chunks of the soap bar from clogging your drains or causing backups in your bathroom and other areas with running water in your home.
  • Oil and Grease - These can easily clog a drain, especially if you cook often and do not have an alternative method to properly dispose of and store your oil and grease collections. While oils and grease fat from animals are in liquid form when they are heated up and at an extremely hot temperature, they quickly turn to semi-solids once they have cooled and returned to room temperature. Dumping oils and grease down your drain is a quick way to cause a clog that may lead to a serious backup or leak.
  • Tree Roots - Always inspect your home's exterior to ensure that you do not have tree roots that are interfering with your drain pipes and plumbing. If you currently have any cracks or openings within the pipes and plumbing below your house and your home is surrounding my large trees, there is an increased risk that your drains may become clogged or that your entire plumbing pipe system may become infiltrated b the tree roots themselves when left unaddressed and unattended.

Whether you have a clogged sink or tub drain or are looking for simple plumbing maintenance and drain cleaning in Breckenridge, CO, turn to a company you can trust and rely on at all times. At Snowbridge Inc., we strive to deliver high-quality customer service for each and every one of our residential and commercial clients in the Breckenridge, CO, and surrounding areas. Are you in need of help with a drain that is clogged in your home or commercial building? Contact us today to learn more about the plumbing and drain cleaning services we provide near you.

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