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What Causes Recurring Clogs?

What Causes Recurring Clogs?

A clogged drain may initially seem like a minor issue, but it can become worse over time. Without regular drain cleaning, you may begin to notice a recurring clog or even suffer from a sewer backup. Snowbridge Inc. shares the most common causes of recurring clogs below:

Food Scraps

When you wash your dishes, food scraps may sometimes make its way down your kitchen drain. While very tiny particles aren’t a big deal, over time, they accumulate and cause a clog that requires drain cleaning in Breckenridge, CO. Toss as many food scraps as you can into the garbage before you clean your dishes to avoid this problem.

Hair Buildup

Hair is one of the biggest causes of recurring clogs. Your bathroom sink, tub and shower are most susceptible to hair clogs. Drain cleaning services can clear all the buildup so the water can drain normally again. We also recommend investing in a drain screen to prevent hair from going down the drain.

Soap Scum

Soap can easily cause a recurring clog in your drains. This typically happens when the ingredients that make up the soap come into contact with the minerals in hard water. The result is soap scum that quickly builds up in the pipes and a badly clogged drain.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Too much toilet paper can cause a recurring clog as well. A backed up toilet often requires drain snaking and hydro jetting to restore normal flow and function. If you need to use extra paper, be sure to flush a little at a time before using more or throwing it in the trash.

Small Objects

Small objects can accidentally fall into your sink, toilet or bathtub and go down the drain. When this happens regularly, you can experience a recurring clog. If you have a small child, teach them not to put small objects into the sink, toilet and tub and be sure to provide them with proper storage for their toys.

Snowbridge Inc. is a drain cleaning company you can trust to fix your recurrent clogging issues. Contact us today to explore our full range of services.

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