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What Is Vent Stack Lining?

What Is Vent Stack Lining?

At Snowbridge Inc., we do more than perform basic trenchless pipe repair in Vail, CO. We handle all of the lesser known, complex pipe repair problems seen in homes, businesses and other types of buildings as well.

Vent stack damage or deterioration is one area that many people don't realize can cause an emergency. In fact, many people don't even know that their sewer system has a vent stack. No matter their awareness, they might suddenly find themselves in need of professional services to repair it. Trenchless sewer repair of the vent stack can prevent disruption and save them time and money:

Purpose of a Vent Stack

Every sewer system produces gasses that can build up without proper ventilation. A vent stack usually releases these gasses from the system into the open air at the roof to prevent buildup inside of the system and structure. It also helps with admitting oxygen into the system to aid in sewage decomposition and trap pressure equalization.

When a vent stack stops working properly, backups in the drain pipes can occur. Additionally toxic gasses and harmful microorganisms can leak into the indoor air, risking the health of people and pets.

Vent Stack Lining Repair

Historically, a professional plumber might perform a total pipe replacement by tearing out the old pipe and installing a new one, which is a time-consuming process that can require landscaping and structural remodeling as well. Modern technologies have now made it easy to fix a vent stack using trenchless pipe replacement.

A trenchless pipe lining expert inspects the pipe with a camera to determine the extent of the damage. If the situation warrants this type of solution, they clean the pipe and then insert a flexible, pipe-shaped, coated liner slightly smaller than the vent stack into it. A new pipe forms when the coating, typically a liquid epoxy, hardens and cures after insertion.

Our team at Snowbridge Inc. has the knowledge, skills and equipment to quickly and efficiently provide this and other trenchless sewer replacement services for our neighbors in Vail.

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