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What to Expect During a Sewer Camera Inspection

What to Expect During a Sewer Camera Inspection

An in-depth sewer and drain inspection in Vail, CO is a must if you’re experiencing persistent issues with your sewer lines or planning to buy a home. The assessment will give you an overview of the piping’s condition, take the appropriate action before problems worsen, and help you make sound decisions. Should you decide to work with Snowbridge for professional sewer inspection, here’s what you can expect.

Ground Survey

Once our team arrives, we will survey your home to understand the layout of your piping system. Doing so will help us identify the possible access points to your sewer lines and conduct the pipe inspection. We will then set up the camera attached to a flexible cable and send it down the pipes.

Non-Invasive and Efficient Process

During the sewer inspection, we may need to insert the camera through different access points, especially if there’s damage or blockage that prevents the device from moving past. As the camera travels through the sewer lines, it sends out signals to our transmitter to tell us where exactly it is. Furthermore, it shows us high-resolution footage of what’s inside your pipes.

Our sewer camera inspection services usually take an hour or less. However, this can vary depending on the accessibility of your sewer lines and if the camera can move through the lines at a reasonable pace.

Our advanced inspection process allows us to easily identify the location of the sewer issues, making assessments and repairs more efficient. It’s also minimally disruptive as it doesn’t require digging, thus keeping your surrounding landscaping intact.

Detailed Report

After the sewer and plumbing inspection, we will provide a detailed report that explains the condition of your lines, including the issues that require urgent attention. We can also share a video recording that you may use for insurance claims or other purposes.

When it comes to professional sewer camera inspections, the pros at Snowbridge have you covered. We ensure a smooth sailing process by working closely with you from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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