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What We Look For During a Sewer Inspection

What We Look For During a Sewer Inspection

A drain inspection in Aspen, CO involves a professional assessment to determine the condition of the sewer pipes. Essentially, a sewer line inspection identifies even the smallest faults within the sewer system. Early detection of such defects allows repair before extensive damage arises. At Snowbridge Inc., we provide impeccable services to enhance the efficiency of your piping network. Here are the top things we look for during sewer line inspection.


Clogged drains create a massive hindrance to water flow. Among the leading causes of blocked drains include grease and food buildup within the sewer pipes. Clogged drains could also arise from limescale, hair balls, and from flushing the wrong items down the toilet. Our plumbing inspection services can identify the exact blocked location within the sewer pipes.

Tree Roots

Tree roots often spread toward water sources. Essentially, deep-rooted trees could create immense problems for your drainage system. Tree root growth within the sewer system blocks water flow, hence, disrupting your comfort. A sewer inspection can quickly and efficient;y identify root infiltration.


Leaks are quite common as the sewer system grows older. Cracks and leaks call for immediate repair, no matter how small they appear. Failure to fix minor leaks leads to lots of water wastage. Additionally, cracks could cause massive property destruction. Frequent pipe inspection points out leaks and cracks before they develop into irreparable plumbing issues.


Constant exposure to water and moisture is a leading cause of corroded sewer pipes. Rust results in the gradual decay of the sewer line’s structure. Routine plumbing inspection provides a detailed picture of the corroded sections within the sewer system.

Structural Destruction

Underground soil movement, similarly, forces the sewer lines to shift. In worse cases, soil movements could lead to pipe collapse. Sewer camera inspection services identify structural damage arising from soil movements.

It’s advisable that you schedule a professional sewer line inspection at least twice per year. Contact Snowbridge today for exceptional sewer-related services.

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